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Eagle's Ridge Condominium Association Website was developed to serve as an informative resource for our neighborhood and a communication channel from the Board of Directors.

~ News ~
FYI: PECO Boxes and Owner Responsibilities
Posted on Oct 29th, 2020
This very important letter from Shew Management Company details the breakdown of responsibility for replacing the PECO boxes that are shared within our buildings. The HOA Board agreed that everyone needs this information as it has already become an issue for several owners. The letter has been emailed and mailed to all owners. 
Please save your copy for future reference. Thank you.
Autumn Notes
Posted on Sep 14th, 2020
As the beautiful season of autumn arrives we wanted to put out a few reminders, which are posted on the bulletin boards in each building. These are for the entire community as we work together to make Eagles Ridge a healthy, safe, and attractive place to live.
In addition, we are posting the services D&D Cleanit provides to our community on a weekly and quarterly basis. Please address any concerns to Shew Management or to Chuck on the days he is here. 
If you see someone repeatedly in violation of our community rules and regulations, please contact Shew for further action. 
Thank you for your cooperation.
Eagles Ridge HOA Board
To access the above notices, please click on "Read more".
Spring 2020 Notices and Updates
Posted on May 12th, 2020
We hope you are staying healthy during this challenging time of Coronavirus protocols. We all benefit when we work together.
Please see the attached links for Spring Notices and the 2020 Holiday Trash Collection Schedule.
This year, A J Blosenski will be collecting trash/recycling the day AFTER the missed Monday and/or Thursday holidays.
These notices have been mailed out, sent by email, and are also being posted on the bulletin boards for your convenience.
Thank you for your cooperation.
New Recycling Protocols
Posted on Apr 3rd, 2020
Please read the following notice from AJ Blosenski regarding Coronavirus recycling protocols: /editor_upload/File/Blosenski%20notice%20about%20recycling%20protocol.pdf
If you are not in compliance and your recycling is not picked up, it is your responsibility to take your recycling materials back home and put them out properly on the day of the next pickup.  We need everyone's cooperation during this challenging time. 
Thank you! Stay safe and healthy. 
Chesterbrook Civic Association
Posted on Oct 25th, 2019
Chesterbrook Civic Association is a good way to stay informed about activities affecting our communities. To get on their email list and/or check out what is happening, go on their website by searching: Chesterbrook Civic Association.
Thank you!
Beautification Project Update September 2019
Posted on Sep 27th, 2019
An important update regarding the current beautification projects has been sent to residents. Please see the entire communication in the Documents and Form link. Thank you! 
Power Washing Update
Posted on Sep 21st, 2019
Power washing of all buildings will begin MondaySeptember 24, 2019, starting with Building 100 and proceeding in numerical order.
All balconies/patios must be completely cleared the day before the work is scheduled to begin on your building.
Be sure to close all windows and patio doors before the process begins. 
Also, do not reattach anything permanent to your railings once your balcony has been power washed because balcony railings will be painted after all the buildings are cleaned.
Please see letter from Certa Pro outlining the process in Documents and Forms: September 2019.
Thank you for your cooperation.
Community Beautification Projects
Posted on Sep 21st, 2019
Fall is in the air and there are several beautification projects on our fall calendar.
September: Tree pruning and removal continues as power washing begins. Please be alert for notices regarding this. 
October: Certa Pro will paint the balcony railings; the stairways in the two story buildings; shutters on the two story buildings; wooden shingles under the windows on all buildings; and the outdoor railings.  
Thank you for your patience and cooperation.
Recycling Bins; Hoses July 2019
Posted on Jul 24th, 2019
Please see July 2019 updated info on recycling bins and hoses in Documents and Forms.
New Board
Posted on Jun 1st, 2019
The July meeting of the newly elected Eagles Ridge Board got things off to a promising start.
Please view the Documents and Forms link for the details and other pertinent community information. 

~ Upcoming Events ~
Landscaping Update: Dog Waste Stations
Thursday, October 29th to Thursday, December 31st
We are soon beginning a pilot program of installing three dog waste stations for the purpose of maintaining the community grounds in a responsible way. 
Please read the attached letter from the management company, detailing the program, that has also been emailed and mailed to all residents. Thank you for your continuing cooperation.